Working with altered states of human consciousness has a long tradition. In our daily life we usually use the full potential of our normal every-day or waking consciousness. It facilitates the interactions with our environment by processing and interpreting sensory input, and by adequately reacting to outside information. Our attention is directed outward, and logical and rational thought processes predominate.

Different brainwave patterns

During this state the human EEG shows a brainwave spectrum in a range between 14 and 30 Hertz, defined as beta-waves.

By applying a set of relaxation and visualization exercises it is possible to achieve different frequency patterns thereby reaching altered states of consciousness. The theta-wave spectrum located in the lower frequency band between 4 and 7 Hertz is where the actual trance-work takes place. This brainwave range normally occurs right before falling asleep or shortly after waking up. It is a state of deep relaxation that facilitates contact with the subconscious.

New applications of old knowledge

The knowledge of how to reach these levels of consciousness has long been available in indigenous cultures, which used various excellently documented techniques like sensory deprivation for example. In shamanic journeys trained Medicine Women and Men were able to receive information that was inaccessible while in the state of normal waking consciousness.

But similar to our dream states, the subconscious does not communicate in rational every-day language. It rather shows a multitude of symbolic events, encounters or images that are as unique and personal as the individual experiencing them.

The Beyond Quantum Healing Technique

I am working with a technique called BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing). Based on the groundbreaking work of the late Dolores Cannon, an internationally renowned hypnotherapist who passed away in 2014, BQH was derived from her QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) method. BQH supports the combination of various modalities and techniques in order to achieve the best result for the client. It thus allows me to combine various methods of energy therapy that I studied and practically applied in my work with clients for many years.

In a BQH session the client is guided towards a theta-brainwave state by applying specific and tried relaxation and visualization exercises. Throughout the whole session, the client is verbally accompanied by the facilitator (me) and describes all experiences in his or her own words. The facilitator guides the client through the scenes and images they experience. The session is recorded, and the client is provided with the audio-file in order to be able to revisit the recording at a later time.  

The client enters each session with a specific question and/or intention. In order to specify or substantiate this question, the trance-work is always preceded by a coaching session. Coaching assists with ordering thoughts and verbalizing and writing out the client’s goals for the session.