Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching is a form of goal-oriented consulting and supervision where clients are guided towards a solution for their issues. In the scope of one-on-one interviews, the focus lies on business-related topics. After a short discussion of the problem, the client and the coach develop new approaches to bespoke and appropriate solutions and options throughout the entire process. Coaching is intended to bring forward the client’s full potential by activating resources and competences and developing new ways of perception and behavior.

A solution-oriented approach

Coaching conversations offer an appreciative platform supporting self-reflection and self-perception. They assist with the review and definition of goals and decisions and with the development of new strategies and actions. Coaching does not concentrate on the past but directs the focus towards the future.

The coaching process offers an opportunity for groups and teams in all phases of collaboration to mitigate conflicts and detect new perspectives within a neutral and appreciative environment. Each individual can tap their full creative potential and assists in achieving jointly specified goals.

In the healthcare environment the coach supports the client in reflecting and defining what is required to either be, get or stay healthy. Based on their unique abilities and parameters the client develops strategies to stabilize or improve their short-term to long-term life balance.

Systemic Coaching can be useful in the following areas of application:

  • Development of new leadership competences regarding relational and conflict issues with employees
  • Adapting oneself to new business environments and executive positions
  • Self-reflection and personal development
  • Handling and/or prevention of stress, burn-out prevention, work-life-balance
  • Team conflicts and team development
  • Development of company missions and visions
  • Career management and future planning
  • Everyday job issues