About me

Dr. Anja Kossik, MSc

I am a dedicated advocate of life-long learning. To experience something new, to learn new skillsets not only broadens one‘s horizon, it also keeps the mind flexible and open – that’s my firm conviction.

Apart from my occupation as organizational consultant, book author and journalist I therefore engaged in a project in the field of Intervention Research for four years. In my academic research I looked into subjects that are important to me personally: Holistic health, social sustainability and economic ethics.

How to lead a MEANINGFUL life

One question, however, is of special importance to me: How are we able – despite a living and working environment that exhibits its share of pathological traits – to find an occupation, or even better, a calling that will give us meaning? Because a meaningful life is a happier life. But many people try in vain to give their worklife a deeper purpose. We are often satisfied with prestige, influence or simply money without questioning the void that inevitably tends to arise, in case we are unable find at least one aspect of our life that will fulfill us.

When working as a coach and consultant I equally spoke with burnt-out managers as well as young people, who are unsure whether or not they even want to enter an occupational field that seems to be unfulfilling to most of the people in their environment.

Eventually, all of them ask the same questions: Does this make any sense? Can working only for the purpose of earning money make people happy? Would I be able to get along with less material wealth, if I found an occupation that offers less income bot more real fulfillment? What inspires me?

And what makes me actually really happy?

Sadly enough, most people cannot find real answers when asked what makes them really happy. Even though coaching alone can facilitate self-reflection, in many cases it does not reveal our deepest needs. Therefore, I searched for a method helping me to integrate the individual and collective unconscious into the process.

Innovative trance techniques

The trance techniques I am working with are an excellent tool to fully tap into this invaluable resource. Medicine Women and Men of indigenous traditions already had that knowledge long before modern communication and interviewing techniques were developed. We are so much more than simply a body and a mind – we are equally emotions and we are beings searching for our place in a greater order. This is what I learned from my spiritual teachers and I owe them at least as many insights into the topic of meaning than the academic world.

To combine the old and the new, intellect and emotion but also the physical and the non-physical in order to support people in finding their calling on all levels – this gives me a purpose. This is, what makes me happy.